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In the Hands of Fate by Harpy and HkdonXetG is now available at The Story Lounge. This is Part 3 of their Conqueror, Sceptre of Fate Series. Due to a temporary technical glitch, The Academy of Bards’ version is missing a few chapters at the end.

Xena's worse fears have come true and knowledge of her relationship with Gabrielle has made Gabrielle a target for those who oppose the Empress. Intrigue, betrayal, and conspiracyimperil alliances, friendships, and lives. Xena soon discovers that no one is above suspicion as she exposes a plot that threatens to thwart her plans of conquest.

Will Xena rescue Gabrielle or will Xena be too late to save her? Will the Treaty with the Amazons be ratified or will the Amazon Queen be collateral damage in the growing conspiracy? Will Xena and Gabrielle be reunited or will unforeseen forces jeopardise their happiness and risk the fate of all whom they love?

Read more about the whole series at The Xena Library.

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