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This tale seems to take place after Valesca and before the Rift.  Xena and Gabrielle have been coupled for four seasons, and Xena struggles to keep tight control over all of her emotions, fearing the destruction an out-of-control Warrior Princess could inflict.

Our duo arrives at the Amazon Village to find that warriors have been disappearing without a trace, reportedly by a "shade".  They go to investigate the site of the disappearances, but when Xena climbs down a cliff face to check out an odd shadow, Gabrielle disappears.

Fighting the fear and rage she feels, Xena begins tracking her partner and comes to a camp of men who are gleefully discussing their plans for their prisoners.  At the mention of the Amazon Princess, Xena's control snaps and tips her over the edge into madness.

What follows I will leave to Bard Boughen, but know that our Amazon Princess must make a decision that could destroy her world.  I highly recommend this piece.  It is a heart wrenching tale of courage, love, and the willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice.  Take a moment to read Anger is My Shield.  You'll be glad you did.


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