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Xena and Gabrielle being in prison together. I'm a huge fan of "Conquered" by Leslie Ann Miller. I was wondering if anyone knew any stories(Conqueror, or UBER) that would be like that. I want more of a when they first meet there basis, not them already knowing each other. I've only ever come across that one, and I was just wondering if there were any others out there.

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Susanne Beck's "Redemption" is a nice, long, prison-centered uber, complete with a couple of sequels.


I don't remember three-fourths of what I read. Just FYI.

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Aww Sam, you beat me to it.

Also, there's Angel's Heart and its sequel Angel Unchained by Mavis Applewater.

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Awesome! Thank you guys.

I'm in a prison mood this week. Watched Shawshank Redemption and it got me wanting to read fics,

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